BenchJANUARY2013-5_369x352On June 27 the Texas Supreme Court issued its final eight opinions of its current term–more than a month ahead of schedule. And for the first time since the Court began counting in the early 1990’s, no cases have been held over until next term.

Under the exceptional leadership of former Chief Justice Wallace Jefferson and his successor Chief Justice Nathan Hecht, the SCOT has not only become one of the nation’s most scholarly and well-respected high courts, but one of the hardest working and most efficient as well. Gone are the backlogs of the past, and with them the uncertainty and cost associated with delayed justice. Although high turnover on the Court certainly contributed to the backlog in the mid-2000’s, we commend the members of the Court for their commitment and dedication to reducing and finally eliminating this problem once and for all. While we recognize that some backlog may recur in the future under unavoidable circumstances, this Court deserves credit for emphasizing the importance of timely disposition to the fair and impartial administration of justice. The individuals, businesses, local governments, and others whose legal rights, privileges, and immunities hang in suspense during the litigation and appeals process appreciate the Court’s wonderful achievement.

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