How Profiteers Lure Women Into Often-Unneeded Surgery

How Profiteers Lure Women Into Often-Unneeded Surgery

by | Apr 18, 2018 | Lawsuits, Legal

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St. Mary’s Law Journal: Texas Citizen Participation Act

Volume 52 |  Number 1 10-20-20 Targeting the Texas Citizen Participation Act: The 2019 Texas Legislature's Amendments to a Most Consequential Law      Amy Bresnen, Bresnen Associates, Inc.      Lisa Kaufman, Davis Kaufman, PLLC      Steve Bresnen, Bresnen Associates,...

Corporate Counsel Reporting Litigation Funding Boom Around COVID-19

In-House Counsel, Firm Lawyers Expect the COVID-19 Recession Will Trigger a Litigation Funding Boom “You’re talking about a staggering sum of money that’s waiting to be turned into cash and waiting to be financed and monetized,” said David Perla, co-chief operating...

Governor Abbott Appoints Rebeca Huddle To The Texas Supreme Court

October 15, 2020 | Austin, Texas | Press Release | Appointment AUSTIN - Governor Greg Abbott today held a press conference in El Paso to announce his appointment of Rebeca Huddle to the Texas Supreme Court. Huddle will replace Justice Paul Green on the bench, who...

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