More Jobs.

Not Lawsuits.

More Jobs.
Not Lawsuits.

SCOTX Upholds Constitutionality of Public Adjuster Statute

In the wake of a series of 2003 hailstorms that resulted in a huge spike in roof claims (not to mention litigation against insurers), the Texas Legislature passed a bill requiring licensing of public adjusters and prohibiting roofing contractors from adjusting...

Governor Abbott Appoints 15th Court of Appeals

Governor Abbott Appoints Inaugural Members To Fifteenth Court Of Appeals June 11, 2024 | Austin, Texas | Press Release Governor Greg Abbott today announced his inaugural appointments to the new Fifteenth Court of Appeals, which was created last year to have exclusive...

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  •   Part 1:  TCJL Priority Bills Passed in the 88th Session
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  •   Part 3:  How Did TCJL’s Statement of Conservative Business Principles Fare?
  •   Part 4:  Eminent Domain Update
  •   Part 5:  Special Session Report – Legislature Prohibits Vaccine Mandates

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