More Jobs.

Not Lawsuits.

More Jobs.
Not Lawsuits.

SCOTUS Meeting Today to Decide Whether to Grant Cert in Trucking Case

Today the United States Supreme Court is conferencing to determine whether to grant certiorari in a case with significant ramifications for trucking litigation in state courts. At issue in C.H. Robinson Worldwide, Inc. v. Miller (No. 19-15981) is whether the safety...

Redistricting – Proposed Senate Plan S2101

SB 4 by Huffman is the first Senate map filed for the 3rd special session that begins Monday, September 20. SB 4: Map:

SCOTX Set to Hear Oral Argument in Centerpoint Energy Case

The Texas Supreme Court will hear oral argument on September 29 in Centerpoint Energy Resources Corp. v. Ramirez(No. 20-0354), a case that tests the limits of liability of a public utility for personal injuries sustained by a guest in a home served by the utility....

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