More Jobs.

Not Lawsuits.

More Jobs.
Not Lawsuits.

Proposed “Model” Law Incorporates and Expands SB 8 Cause of Action*

An Indiana-based law firm representing the National Right to Life Committee (NRLC) is proposing a model state statute that expands criminal and civil liability for aiding and abetting an abortion. The proposal would create a vast litigation industry aimed primarily at...

Corpus Christi Court of Appeals Decides Important Tort Claims Act Case

In a thorough analysis of the Texas Tort Claims Act’s waiver of sovereign immunity, the Corpus Christi Court of Appeals has reversed a trial court’s denial of a city’s plea to jurisdiction in a personal injury lawsuit. The case, City of Brownsville v. Daniel Reglado,...

SCOTX Delivers Split Decision in Dispute Between Owner and Contractor

Over two dissenting opinions, the Texas Supreme Court has reversed a Fourteenth [Houston] Court of Appeals decision affirming a judgment (including attorney’s fees) obtained by an owner against a contractor in a breach of contract dispute. At the same time, the Court...

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