SB 6 by Hancock, the Pandemic Liability Protection Act, will be heard in the Senate TODAY!

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SB 6 represents an agreement by stakeholders on the best way to move forward in this crisis and is the product of months of negotiations among all sides.  SB 6 does not provide blanket immunity and does not protect bad actors, but instead provides much-deserved protection from litigation for businesses that have acted in good faith during the pandemic.  These businesses and providers have kept our economy running, and they should not be subjected to frivolous lawsuits.

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Efforts to extend liability protections to health care providers, businesses, schools, churches, and other entities must be a priority in Texas. Thankfully, Governor Abbott named pandemic liability protection an emergency item, which means its passage through the Legislature can be expedited.  Now, thanks to Senator Kelly Hancock and Representative Jeff Leach, legislation has been filed in both chambers of our Texas Legislature to bring relief to Texas health care providers and businesses struggling with the consequences of the pandemic.

As vaccines continue to be deployed throughout Texas, we can hope for better days ahead. But for now, we must keep our focus on staying safe and mitigating the long-term effects of the pandemic on our state.  The more quickly the Legislature can act and get this bill to the Governor’s desk, the better it will be for the health care workers taking care of us and the businesses trying to provide the jobs and goods and services that we all need.

The Texas Senate meets today at 11:00 am.  The broadcast is available online:

Bill information: SB 6 by Hancock

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