If there was any doubt about the effect of legislation considered during the just-concluded special session to subject employers and health care providers to liability for complying with the law, the discussion at a press conference held this morning at the Capitol should put it to rest. After several legislators and others addressed the vaccine mandate, an attorney named Paul Davis took the mike and announced his intention to work on a class action against Texas employers. He advised employees to file for exemptions and pursue employment discrimination complaints at the Texas Workforce Commission as a preliminary step to litigation.

This is precisely the problem with all of the bills filed to put Texas employers in the middle of a policy struggle between the federal and state governments. The destination point of these litigation-based, anti-mandate mandates is always the same for the businesses involved: the courthouse. All we ask is to be left alone and free of government interference to determine the best path forward for the individual business, its employees, and its customers. This fundamental principle has created the best engine for job creation in the nation. Let’s keep it that way.

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