Rep. Ana Hernandez Luna

Rep. Ana Hernandez Luna

HB 3032 by Rep. Ana Hernandez Luna (D-Houston) calls for the Texas Supreme Court to adopt rules promoting the prompt, efficient, and cost-effective resolution of civil appeals. The rules must apply both to the SCOT itself and the courts of appeals. Specifically, the rules must address the need for the final disposition of an appeal not later than one year after the date a party perfects the appeal, and of an expedited and interlocutory appeal not later than three months after a party perfects the appeal.

The SCOT must further adopt rules to: (1) establish a procedure to uphold, without opinion, a lower court’s judgment or order that is the subject of an appeal that the court of appeals has failed to resolve within the prescribed time period; and (2) require a court of appeals to publish or post a list of cases that have been pending with the court for six months or more on the websites of the court of appeals and the SCOT and on the front entrance of the courthouse where the court conducts proceedings.

The SCOT must adopt the rules by May 1, 2014.


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