Justice Eva Guzman

Associate Justice Eva Guzman has submitted her resignation from the Texas Supreme Court to Governor Greg Abbott, effective Friday, June 11. Since Governor Rick Perry appointed her to the Court in 2009, Justice Guzman has become one of the most highly regarded state supreme court justices in the country, a leader in promoting access to justice, especially for the most vulnerable, and an inspiration to a generation of women seeking to follow in her enormous footsteps.

“TCJL is proud to have supported Justice Guzman from the moment of her appointment,” said Carol Sims, TCJL’s Executive Director. “We have always thought that she is one of the best judicial appointments–or any appointment–a governor has ever made, bar none. Her service on the Court has been exemplary, and we will deeply miss the wisdom, scholarship, judgment, and compassion she brings to the bench.”

Justice Guzman previously served as a district judge and as a justice on the Fourteenth District Court of Appeals in Houston. In 2016 she won more votes than any other candidate for any office in Texas history up to that time, a remarkable achievement that speaks volumes for her strength as both a judge and a statewide candidate. We wish Justice Guzman all the best in her future endeavors and cannot adequately express our gratitude for her dedicated service and commitment to equal justice for all of us.

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