Sen. Rodney Ellis

Sen. Rodney Ellis

Senator Rodney Ellis (D-Houston) has filed two bills extending state regulation of employers that do not subscribe to the workers’ compensation system.

SB 262 requires a non-subscribing employer to purchase a minimum $200,000 life insurance policy for each employee. The employer cannot be the beneficiary of the policy, and acceptance of the policy benefit does not preclude a civil suit against the employer. The Workers’ Compensation Division can impose an administrative penalty on a non-complying employer.

 SB 263 requires a non-subscribing employer to report certain information to the Workers’ Compensation Division, including: the total cost of medical treatment paid, the number of days the employee was absent from work, the amount of any wage replacement paid to the employee, and the amount of any other settlement paid to the employee. The report must reflect the total amount of payments for each injury or occupational disease during the one-year period following the date on which the injury occurred or the employer had knowledge of the occupational disease.


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