Texas Appeals Court Nixes Denbury Common Carrier Ruling

A Texas appeals court on Thursday reversed a trial court’s summary judgment in favor of Denbury Green Pipeline-Texas LLC in a suit over whether it held common carrier status with the power of eminent domain, finding a question remained over whether the company’s pipeline would serve the public. Read More. . . .

Schlumberger Settles Texas Patent Infringement Dispute

Schlumberger Ltd. and Parallel Separation Innovations LLC on Thursday told a Texas federal judge they had settled for an undisclosed amount a lawsuit alleging Schlumberger infringed a shale drilling equipment patent in a case that involved the oilfield company’s former in-house counsel. Read More. . .

What Features Matter In A Design Patent Case?

The recent Apple Inc. v. Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. litigation has generated a renewed interest in design patents — and for good reason as it highlights the potency of a well-crafted design patent. It also illustrates the scope of design patent protection, the requirements for infringement, and the differences between design and utility patents. Understanding these issues can help businesses more effectively protect their intellectual property and avoid costly mistakes. Read more. . . .

NJ Just Set The Standard For Health Data Protection Laws

Beginning Aug. 1, 2015, health insurance carriers in New Jersey will be obligated to do more to protect patient information than simply comply with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. A new law, signed by New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie on Jan. 9, 2015, specifically requires health insurance carriers to encrypt electronically gathered and stored personal information. Read more. . . .

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