In an hour-long video conference this morning, U.S. Senator John Cornyn spoke to several hundred representatives of Texas businesses and health care providers regarding federal liability protections as part of the next round of stimulus. “The types of liability limitations my colleagues and I are interested in providing would simply prevent frivolous and nuisance lawsuits from harassing our frontline health care workers and small businesses,” Cornyn told the participants.“Without limiting liability for our small business owners and workers, our economic recovery will be stunted as a result of the fear of the negative impact of these frivolous lawsuits. That’s the situation we need to address and prevent.”

The Senator heard from a panel of commenters representing a broad segment of the business community most affected by the economic slowdown: Bob Rowling (hospitality and fitness); Jon Opelt (health care providers) and Brian Jackson (rural hospitals) of Texas Alliance for Patient Access; Chris Pappas (restaurants); John B. Poindexter (manufacturing); Alan Hassenflu (commercial real estate); Marc Watts (automotive and entertainment). Carol Sims, TCJL’s Executive Director, and Dick Trabulsi, President of TLR, represented the Texas civil justice reform organizations participating in the call. Every commenter stressed the need for a safe harbor for businesses as they reopen in the coming months and expressed their appreciation to Senator Cornyn for undertaking the difficult task of navigating liability protection through Congress.

TCJL applauds Senator Cornyn for his ongoing support for Texas businesses and health care providers. Texas has had no greater advocate for fair and reasonable liability laws over the last three decades.

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