Representative Tryon Lewis has called a hearing for the asbestos subcommittee of the House Judiciary and Civil Jurisprudence Committee on Wednesday, July 11th at 10:00.   Judge Davidson and David Slayton (the new head of the Office of Court Administration) have been invited to testify regarding the logistics of the MDL and the inactive docket.  Representative Lewis felt that the committee has a handle of the issues in an academic sense but needed to have a discussion about the day-to-day specifics.  No public testimony will be taken.

Following the subcommittee hearing, the full committee will be meeting at 11:00 to take invited testimony from the following agencies: State Commission on Judicial Conduct, Office of Court Administration, Office of the Attorney General, Guardianship Certification Board, State Bar of Texas, State Office of Administrative Hearings, and Department of Information Resources. The Committee will also hear invited testimony regarding the state of electronic filing in the Texas Courts system.

League staff will be in attendance at both hearings and will send a follow-up.  League member attendance is certainly welcomed but not required at this hearing.  Material submitted to the committee is available in the Member Content section of this site.

Hearing Notice

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