Purchasers of Texas oil and gas should not have to pay twice for the same product.  Recent efforts have been launched to interpret Texas lien law to extend liens on purchased oil and gas product beyond the non-paying purchaser, in some cases all the way to the final end user.  For example, if a purchaser files bankruptcy before paying for an oil and gas product shipment, but after receiving payment from subsequent purchasers, those subsequent purchasers may be subject to a lien on that product even though they have already paid for it. 
Also, since oil and gas product is commonly co-mingled with other product purchases, either by the subsequent purchasers or at the terminal, that lien could be applied to all of the co-mingled product even though the product in question and subject to the lien actually constitutes only small portion of that co-mingled product.  Theoretically, this could extend all the way to the gas tank in your car.  This is clearly an unfair interpretation and must be addressed to stop the lien at the first purchaser.

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