By John Reynolds

The Big Conversation

A bill allowing the carrying of handguns on college and university campuses wasn’t heard on the Senate floor on Tuesday because of a paperwork error. But it is expected to be heard today and will likely pass.

The Houston Chronicle’s Lauren McGaughy wrote that SB 11 was delayed because of “inaccuracies on the witness list that came out of committee.” Such an error would open up the bill to a point of order that would knock the bill back to committee if those problems weren’t fixed beforehand.

Still, McGaughy noted that the bill remains a near lock to head to the House. She writes, “The proposal is nearly guaranteed to pass, since it boasts a super-majority of 19 co-sponsors in the upper chamber. It passed easily by a partisan vote of 7-2 out of committee, where (Sen. Brian) Birdwell and other supporters rejected Democrats’ calls to include a provision allowing public universities to opt out of the law if it passes.”

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