Relating to liability for injuring a trespassing sheep or goat.

Top 50 nominees

  1. Relating to honesty in state taxation
  2. Relating to the creation of a commission to study drowsy driving
  3. Relating to appeals regarding dangerous dogs
  4. Relating to the regulation of dangerous wild animals
  5. Relating to the applicability of massage therapy licensing requirements to a person employing certain muscle activation techniques
  6. Relating to an annual football game between The University of Texas at Austin and Texas A&M University
  7. Relating to the sale and purchase of shark fins or products derived from shark fins
  8. Relating to the punishment for the offense of theft of an alcoholic beverage
  9. Relating to the regulation of big cats and nonhuman primates
  10. Relating to the use of human remains in the training of search and rescue animals
  11. Relating to provisions in protective orders regarding pets and other companion animals
  12. Relating to the practice of telemedicine
  13. Relating to the establishment of the veterinarian-client-patient relationship
  14. Relating to certain high school students serving as early voting clerks in an election
  15. Relating to the facilitation and operation of space flight activities in this state
  16. Relating to lighting requirements for drivers during motor vehicle stops
  17. Relating to liability for injuring a trespassing sheep or goat
  18. Relating to the sale or transportation of certain desert plants
  19. Relating to substituted service of citation through a social media website
  20. Relating to the discharge of a firearm across the property line of an educational facility and educating hunters on that subject
  21. Relating to the classification of elk as exotic animals
  22. Relating to a grant program to promote good citizenship and anger management
  23. Relating to the abolition of wind erosion conservation districts
  24. Relating to the regulation of backflow prevention assembly testers by the Texas State Board of Plumbing Examiners
  25. Relating to civil and criminal liability for recording or distributing a visual image of a person in a private place with the intent to harm that person
  26. Relating to the view of the State Capitol
  27. Relating to the use, sale, purchase, or possession of a license plate flipper device
  28. Relating to a study comparing the business environments of Texas and Louisiana
  29. Relating to creating the offense of voyeurism
  30. Relating to removing gender restrictions in the “Romeo and Juliet” defense
  31. Relating to the jurisdiction and qualifications of the Concho River watermaster and deputy watermaster
  32. Relating to the appointment of a state cybersecurity coordinator
  33. Relating to the facilities to which Chapter 68, Water Code, applies
  34. Relating to information on the moving image industry incentive program
  35. Relating to the operation of a golf cart or utility vehicle on a public highway
  36. Relating to the protection of stray bison
  37. Relating to the use of a credit or charge card by a state agency to make certain purchases
  38. Relating to the creation of a game animal meat safety task force
  39. Relating to restricting the sale of state-owned longhorn cattle in state natural areas
  40. Relating to the display of the Honor and Remember flag
  41. Relating to the uprooting of seagrass plants
  42. Relating to the regulation of cosmetology, including eyebrow or facial hair threading
  43. Relating to civil liability for promotion of certain improper visual images
  44. Relating to the land application of Class B sludge
  45. Relating to the liability of a municipality for certain space flight activities
  46. Relating to authorizing certain current and former members of the state legislature to conduct a marriage ceremony
  47. Relating to the deregulation of weather modification operations
  48. Relating to a prohibition against the use of certain sprays, stun guns, and Tasers by school district peace officers, security personnel, and other employees against public school students
  49. Relating to liability of certain persons assisting in man-made or natural disasters
  50. Relating to discipline of public school students by school bus drivers

–The Academy

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