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More Jobs.
Not Lawsuits.

TCJL Files Amicus Brief in Res Judicata Case

This case, Eagle Oil & Gas Co. v. TRO-X, L.P. (No. 18-0983), came to TCJL’s attention while on motion for rehearing before the Texas Supreme Court. It arose from...

TAMU Real Estate Center Releases April Jobs Data

The Real Estate Center at Texas A&M University's Monthly Economic Review paints a grim picture, but not quite as bad as the rest of the country: April 2020 Summary The Texas economy is suffering from COVID-19 pandemic and low oil prices. The state's economy lost...

Senator Cornyn Cites TCJL Leadership on Federal COVID Legislation

In a story published yesterday, Roll Call reports that federal COVID liability protection legislation will be a "red line priority for Republicans," in the words of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell. President Trump is also quoted as backing the measure. Roll...

Office of Court Administration Update on Ransomware Attack

OFFICE OF COURT ADMINISTRATION DAVID SLAYTON Administrative Director Updated Statement on IT Security Breach Affecting Judiciary On Friday, May 8th, the Office of Court Administration (OCA), the information technology (IT) provider for the appellate courts and state...

American Tort Reform Association: ATRA COVID-19 Resources

May 21, 2020 As you tackle liability threats stemming from the coronavirus pandemic, ATRA hopes to serve as a resource. This page will be updated as we garner new information and navigate the daily changes we face as the nation combats COVID-19. Jump to Section: White...

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